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A lovely place to be for the hole family!


A solid terrace roof created by Creative - Metallbau GmbH, is a valuable and especially extension of your house. This “second living room” can be used twelve months a year and doesn’t depend on the weather outside. This real gem between house and garden improves your quality of living.


Terrace roofs including side walls, are protecting you from curious neighbours. On the other hand, the open construction without walls, protects you from rain and sunbeam, but keeps the character of a garden seat place.


Terrace roofs made of steel or high-grade steel are useful and easy-care. Usually, just the frame is made of steel. Steel is good to form, that leaves you all possibilities of shaping. Steel is weather resistant as well and there is no need to be afraid of strong winds. Many combinations with other materials are possible. Choosing the right colour, matches the roof with your house and looks perfect.


Pot galvanized steel is the best choice, since it doesn’t to be painted. The roof is absolutely protected from rust. The steel gets even harder because of the treatment.


A steel - glass construction is the best solution for terrace roofs. Thanks to the high load capacity, it’s possible to use more glass plates. Therefore it seems to be delicate and fine. The area under the roof is always bright and inside the house no light is missing.


Optional add-ons like illumination or an awning are easy fitted. Side walls made of sliding glass elements are keeping the free sight to the nature. You are also better protected from wind, weather, noise and dust by installing seated folding walls or sliding elements.


Information: Have you decided to buy a separated thermal terrace roof, we create a profile for you, that can be changed easily into a winter garden later. For further information or advice, please come and see us, we gladly help you finding the best solution. You will get more information about carports, yard entrances and canopy constructions as well.

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