Stairs keep their clear function since ages : to overcome altitude differences quick and comfortable. New constructions and materials make it possible to achieve a fascinating range of designs. A careful planning and perfect quality are most important for functionality, security and long-life cycle. The Creativ - Metallbau - Team is most interested in security for all customers throughout all our products.


Comfortable and ingenious stairs are fascinating construction elements, which belongs to every apartment, house and public buildings. Stairs are used for daily things, such as weight transports. We also consider the handicapped people’s necessities. A meticulous planning is decisive for its security. Serious work and lots of creativity is our trademark. Whether straight or winding, a newel stair or a self-supporting stair, modern design or rustic, we fulfil all your wishes. Thanks to our experience and versatility, we always find the perfect solution. The great variety of constructions doesn’t know any limit. Of course, we produce the matching railings for you as well.

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