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As a sales representative of the Novoferm Company, we offer garage doors at a reasonable price. The importance of a garage door is obviously not known. The loss of energy will draw your attention to the heating costs settlement. That means, you need up to 200 litres additional fuel oil each year.

Of course, we automate your garage doors without changing them.

Garage doors and actuation are perfect associated by “NovoPort”. The actuation is fitted on the upper left or right side, directly on the runway rail and is moving nearly noiseless along the tooth belt. Also the passage height remains the same.


As all the door systems we offer, “NovoPort” is international registered and has all relevant qualifications. Of course, “NovoPort” is TÜV - checked as well, under consideration of European standards.


A series-product from “NovoPort” includes all technical details needed, for having a perfect garage door system. In spite of it, there is still space enough for individual wishes, concerning house types, door types and equipment possibilities.


  • finger / hand protection
  • reliable switch off system
  • noiseless runway rail
  • double door lock
  • serial unlock system
  • special emergency unlock


Thanks to the excellent door and actuation systems, we are able to change a garage door in just one day!!!

Of course, we automate your garage doors without changing them.

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