A canopy made of glass is comparably useful for a shop and a single family home. Customisation and attractive prices, fulfil every special design wishes. Additional elements, such as roof rails, rounded glass panes, side walls and illuminations, create a inviting ambiance and make it exclusive.


Canopies made of glass are produced individually by our team. The high quality level is also guaranteed by all sub-suppliers and is valid for all materials. All products must pass a stability check at the end of their fabrication. Even high snow pressure is no problem for those canopies.

These are easy-care products and they don’t need to be treated specially for achieving a high duration of life. These canopies can be fixed directly on wall isolations as well.

House entry canopies go with all front doors. If someone is looking for a decorative and cheap product, come a little closer and have look into our presentation. The wide range of special designed canopies leaves no wishes behind.

Because of their transparent and exclusive appearance, they match to all types of houses, made of wood, stone, concrete or masonry.

Perfect solutions for high receivables.


Whenever a timeless and modern ambiance is demanded, we work with glass and high-grade steel only. Constructions like this, seem to be very light, although they are extremely resilient. The canopies noble charisma fits to every environment and shows the representative character of your front door.


Canopies used as a wind- and weather protection, are always a visual enrichment. Creativ - Metallbau GmbH is a competent and experienced factory, always looking for premium quality and perfect realisation of your wishes.

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