Balcony & Seat place glazement

Most of the terraces are unfortunately not suitable for intensive use.

The weather is either too cool, too wet or too windy. Often are traffic noise or air pollution opposite to the use of the object.


Having made a glazement for your balcony or terrace, in shape of a folding wall, sliding door or a fix glazement, you will enjoy the additional space much more than before. The closed room warms not only itself, it warms the following rooms behind as well. You can leave everything on your balcony. Carpets, furniture and coffee maker.

Since the glazement has an easy handling, you will have a great feeling when the door is opened. Give yourself an enjoyable place to live in, during all seasons.


Our services are:


  •  advice and planning
  •  construction application
  •  coordination of crafts
  •  execution

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